Owning a Family Home

The American dream is to own your own home.  We have owned two homes in our 20 years of marriage but have never lived in one longer than two years.  We have rented many homes or have lived in homes provided by our jobs, such as in ministry in a church or at a children’s home.  It has been a dream of mine to one day own a home that we love and to own it in a place where we love to live.  Is this too big of a dream?  I wonder some times if it is.

We have been blessed to have lived in the homes where we have not had to pay for room or board, but it is not ours. I would like to have a house that is not huge.  I would like it to have three rooms and two to two and a half bathrooms.  I want an enclosed two care garage with extra storage.  A living room and a spacious kitchen would be ideal.  We would ideally like to have some acreage so we can build a small office separate from our home so we can sepHail Baseball Sizearate work from home life.  Is that a pipe dream?  Are we even capable of doing that?

My husband would love to have a private pond or some body of water near where he can fish.  I would assume that the fishing would need to be good, otherwise what would be the point? He would like to own a four wheeler or a razor to tinker around on the property.  I would enjoy driving wither of those.

I don’t want a house that has major cleaning to do.  Would be extra cool if we were able to have the funds to hire someone who would clean it that would truly be in need.  We desire to help those who really need help.  I only hope that I would not be so picky that I could not enjoy the benefits of their labor.

I would like for the living room to be a good size that would be able to host folks if we wanted to have a party.  A kitchen big enough to serve as well.  The bedrooms do not have to be so large.  We will just be using them to sleep in. We never wanted to have the bedrooms so big or so full of stuff that our kid would only want to stay in there at all times and not be out with the family.

One thing that I want to make sure of is that our roof is leak proof and well insulated for when the north Texas storms hit.  Last time that occurred we called on roof repair in Denton to come fix our roof. I want to keep our family safe and dry.  A basement would not hurt either.

We need a place to keep our vehicles from damage from all the hail storms that hit this area.  We have been fortunate to not have any damage done to our vehicles or major roof damage.  Our church had to get a new roof and it was shocking to me just how much we, the church, had to pay for the roof.  Thank goodness for insurance.

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