The American dream is to own your own home.  We have owned two homes in our 20 years of marriage but have never lived in one longer than two years.  We have rented many homes or have lived in homes provided by our jobs, such as in ministry in a church or at a children’s home.  It has been a dream of mine to one day own a home that we love and to own it in a place where we love to live.  Is this too big of a dream?  I wonder some times if it is.

We have been blessed to have lived in the homes where we have not had to pay for room or board, but it is not ours. I would like to have a house that is not huge.  I would like it to have three rooms and two to two and a half bathrooms.  I want an enclosed two care garage with extra storage.  A living room and a spacious kitchen would be ideal.  We would ideally like to have some acreage so we can build a small office separate from our home so we can sepHail Baseball Sizearate work from home life.  Is that a pipe dream?  Are we even capable of doing that?

My husband would love to have a private pond or some body of water near where he can fish.  I would assume that the fishing would need to be good, otherwise what would be the point? He would like to own a four wheeler or a razor to tinker around on the property.  I would enjoy driving wither of those.

I don’t want a house that has major cleaning to do.  Would be extra cool if we were able to have the funds to hire someone who would clean it that would truly be in need.  We desire to help those who really need help.  I only hope that I would not be so picky that I could not enjoy the benefits of their labor.

I would like for the living room to be a good size that would be able to host folks if we wanted to have a party.  A kitchen big enough to serve as well.  The bedrooms do not have to be so large.  We will just be using them to sleep in. We never wanted to have the bedrooms so big or so full of stuff that our kid would only want to stay in there at all times and not be out with the family.

One thing that I want to make sure of is that our roof is leak proof and well insulated for when the north Texas storms hit.  Last time that occurred we called on roof repair in Denton to come fix our roof. I want to keep our family safe and dry.  A basement would not hurt either.

We need a place to keep our vehicles from damage from all the hail storms that hit this area.  We have been fortunate to not have any damage done to our vehicles or major roof damage.  Our church had to get a new roof and it was shocking to me just how much we, the church, had to pay for the roof.  Thank goodness for insurance.

We are anxiously counting down the days until our next cruise as a family.  We just got back from a family cruise celebrating our daughter’s graduation. We went to Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica.  God made an incredible world and we were honored to have been able to visit the Caribbean to see that part of the world.

We boarded the ship on a Sunday and it took a full day to get our sea legs.  We went to the doctor several weeks prior to leaving to get a prescription for patches to wear to battle sea sickness.  I am thankful that we didn’t have to see what it would be like to go on board without the patches.  I get vertigo rather easily due to my multiple sclerosis.

The first excursion was in Cozumel.  It was the “Dolphin Encounter & Sea Lion show at Chanjanaab”. It was three and a half hours.  Our daughter always wanted to swim with the dolphins and this was just the think she wanted to experience.  She received a go pro for graduation and bought a harness to be able to strap it to her body so she could film her experience.  So cool.  ThereChrysler 300 Limo Inside were about 10 people there so the group was small enough to really enjoy it and get right in there.

On day four, we were in the Grand Cayman’s and participated in the “Deluxe stingray city sandbar”.  You waded out in shallow water and there were stingrays all swimming around your feet.  We lured them in by feeding them.  It was a quick two and a half hours  My parents were really excited about this excursion.  It was a little creepy but exciting none the less.

Day five we went to Jamaica.  We really wanted to do the zip lines but my dad was really afraid of heights, but he sucked it up and did it any way.  The zip lines were longer than any that I have been on before but it still went by way to fast.  We switched from zip line to zip line.  The scenery was absolutely beautiful.  Flying over the canopy of green trees was absolutely amazing.  I want to go and do that again. That was the quickest four and a half hours ever.

On the ship,  it was full of activities as well.  There was food every where you turned. My daughter and I had to eat gluten free food so we had a special meal prepared for us each night at supper.  I am sure I gained ten pounds while we were there.

One excursion that I would like to do next time is the ATV excursion.  The sad but funny part of that was we weren’t able to do that one because my dad was too old. What is funny about that is you would never know he is 80 because he doesn’t look nor does he act like it.  I bet that if we requested it on shore, they would have never questioned him and we could have done it, but we did all of our planning before we went on the cruise.

When we arrived on shore we were greeted by a limo service in Frisco TX, that took us all the way back home.  It was a great vacation.

We all know that it can be difficult to live in a large family.  From the crazy Aunts and Uncles to your brothers and sisters that can annoy and delight you.  I’ve found that having a larger family is a blessing the older I get and know that they are here for me when I need them.  Recently we went thru a pretty hard time in our work career.  After leaving a very bad job situation we needed to find a new career and fast. We were broke and not sure what to do and reached out to family.  After many conversations, prayers and lots of trying to open doors and find solutions, we were blessed to figure out a way to get capital to start a new business and we were off on a new adventure.  This new adventure was going to be hard and we had no idea what were getting ourselves into, but we knew that we didn’t want to stay where we were.

Destined to becomeLooking back on all of the decisions and struggles we had over the last year or so has been an eye opening experience about ourselves and our goals and dreams.  We set out to do one thing, and now are in a totally different position.  We’ve met some amazing people along the way, but the thing that has stuck out most for us is the support of our family.  Family has your back no matter what, and we’ve been blessed with amazing family.  When we were in need and were struggling we reached out and found help.  Many people aren’t able to find that kind of help, and it’s been a blessing to watch our growth and the investment our family has made to this point.  Now, we have 2 businesses with both doing well and our lives have taken on a whole new set of joys.  Who knows where this will take us in another year and how our lives will change.

Along the way we’ve met and made some incredible friendships.  One of those was with a Denton Orthodontist that took care of our daughter’s braces.  After moving around so much we needed someone to finish out her braces and make everything the way it needed to be.  We were fortunate enough to find a great Orthodontist and she has had her braces removed and her teeth look amazing.  Their whole staff is amazing and it’s been a blessing to meet them.  We also met others along the journey including an amazing Insurance Agency and Agent, and others that have helped us not only grow our Business, but grow as individuals and a family.  What a blessing it is to find great people that are a blessing in so many different ways!

So the next time you need to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, what about asking your family.  My family has been amazing and done things for us that I would’ve never dreamed!  They’ve helped us financially, emotionally, and supported us every step of the way.  Family is awesome and I couldn’t be more blessed with such an amazing family.  Today we set out on a new journey that only is happening because of our amazing family.  If they wouldn’t have stepped in over a year ago to help, we would still be struggling and trying to figure out how to pay the bills and find freedom from a workplace that was toxic.  Thanks for family, and thanks for bridging the gap!