Exploring The World

Let’s take a trip around the world! One thing that I would do if I had an unlimited supply of time and money is travel. People and cultures fascinate me and I find myself wanting to know everything I possibly can about different regions of the world. It fascinates me how similar humans are to each other physically, yet so drastically different culturally. In recent times, traveling to different countries is so simple. One can easily purchase a plane ticket, go online or call to book a hotel and then just rent a car to transport oneself around once in the foreign country. Many people do not even think about how people one hundred years ago would have traveled. Mostly they didn’t. People usually did not travel around for vacation due to the extensive time it took and also the danger. If you lived in the United States and wanted to travel to France for a vacation, you would have to take a boat or ship and if you lived a really long time ago, that journey was not safe. The voyage across the Atlantic was usually just not worth the risk. Today we are extremely luck that we do not have to deal with diseased ships laden with sickness and rats! Our transportation situation allows our world to be more intimately connected than ever before. Instead of taking weeks or months to cross the ocean on a ship, we could jump on a plane and travel from America to Paris in around nine hours! How incredible! Although money can be an issue sometimes, we are so lucky that we can travel around with relative ease. We have an opportunity before us to increase our awareness of the world around us, to be people of incredible knowledge and experience. The opportunities before us are infinite.

Personally, I would love to travel and meet new people and experience different cultures and traditions. I desire to have an open mind to the world around me and leave behind blindness and bias to where I am from. One place in particular I would like to visit is Paris, France. This is a place that is the epitome of intense, concentrated culture and atmosphere. It is a city full of museums and food and drink and anything that you could ever want to experience in France, can just about be found in Paris.

Before we begin to think globally, we should also expand our community awareness to include the country we currently reside in. Local community comes first and then national community. It is necessary to begin engagement in this order to reach full potential of civic engagement. If we are aware globally and have no care whatsoever for anyone on a local level, it will be very difficult to make a difference while blind to what is happening around you. As far as national community awareness goes, you should remain knowledgable about what is happening in your country. This means VOTE if you have that opportunity. This is the clearest, easiest way to become involved in your national community! You have the opportunity to share what you believe and take control of how your country is run! This power has been given to you. I suggest you use it. Don’t take anything for granted. Get involved locally and get involved nationally.

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